Round Rock TX is located near Austin, TX. This city is known for the amazing historic sites and outdoor activities. Round Rock attracts a lot of tourists from all parts of the USA because of its historical sites and fun outdoor activities. If you are planning to visit this city too, then you must have a complete idea about Round Rock TX weather. This will make it easier for you to plan accordingly and create the best itinerary based on the weather condition. To have a better idea about this city’s weather, it is important to know more about the climatic condition of Round Rock. The general climatic condition of Round Rock is hot and humid summers while the winters are mild and cool. Overall, this city experiences a subtropical humid climate. While the highest temperature during the summer season can reach up to 95 degree Fahrenheit, the lowest during the winter season remains around 38 degree Fahrenheit. If you are planning to move to this city or want to visit it, it can be helpful to know more about its weather.

Average Temperature of Round Rock TX:

Talking about the weather condition, temperature plays the most important role. While April, October and November are the most pleasant and comfortable months in Round Rock, August is the hottest month. With the highest temperature soaring up to 96.3 degree Fahrenheit on an average, it can cause real discomfort for you to stay outside. The summer season starts from June and lasts till September. The daily high temperature on an average remains around 88 degree Fahrenheit.

You can visit this city in March, April, October or November where the highest temperature on an average ranges between 70 degree and 85 degree Fahrenheit. The winter season starts from November end and lasts till the end of February. During this time, the daily high temperature on an average remains below 67 degree Fahrenheit. The coldest month of Round Rock TX is January where the temperature can drop down to 38 degree Fahrenheit.

Humidity of Round Rock TX:

Round Rock TX weather is quite popular for experiencing extreme variation when it comes to humidity. The moister period of the year is from April to October. During this time, the humidity level can be oppressive, miserable or muggy about 22% of the total time. The months with the most amount of humidity are July and August. The month with the lowest amount of humidity in Round Rock is January.

Wind of Round Rock TX:

This city can even experience significant change in wind throughout the year. Round Rock experiences windier weather condition for about 7 months i.e. November to June. On an average, the speed of the wind remains more than that of 9.5 miles/hour. The windiest month of Round Rock is March where you can experience wind speed of about 10 miles to 11 miles per hour. June to October remains calmer where September is the calmest month with an average wind speed of only 8 miles per hour.

Rainfall of Round Rock TX:

On an average, Round Rock TX gets 36 inches of rain approximately every year. The wettest month of Round Rock is June as it receives 4.6 inches of rain on an average. The driest month of this city is January which records an average rainfall of 2.2 inches. In Round Rock, the rainiest season is summer which records 29% of the total rainfall.

Clouds of Round Rock TX:

This city experience clearer sky in September, October and November. Among these three months, October enjoys the clearest sky where 70% of the time the sky remains either clear or mostly clear. In Round Rock, the cloudier months are November to August where the cloudiest month is February. In February, the sky remains mostly cloudy or overcast for 44% of the time.

As you may know the most important aspects of weather are – temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall and cloudiness. All these can determine Round Rock TX weather which is explained above. Hopefully, the detailed information about these aspects can help you to figure the most pleasant and least pleasant months to visit Round Rock. But this weather condition can change or vary from time to time based on different climatic factors. Checkout the latest weather forecast to get the best idea about the weather condition.