Round Rock Texas has become well known for its abundance of great restaurants. As the city continues to grow, so does its offer of delicious cuisine.

Some of the best Round Rock TX restaurants:

1. Pizzeria Sorellina

Pizzeria Sorellina is the epitome of up-and-coming restaurants. Since its opening in September, it has quickly become one of Round Rock’s most popular spots to eat! Its freshly made pizzas are delicious, but their stellar craft cocktails make them stand out too!

2. Chuy’s

Chuy’s is a chain of restaurants, but its Round Rock location stands out from the rest. Located just off I-35 and Palm Valley Blvd, Chuy’s provides great food in a fun environment. Its wide array of unique dishes makes it perfect for everyone!

3. Henry’s Tavern

Henry’s Tavern may be new to Round Rock, but its claim to fame is long-lasting. With dozens of beers on tap and unique dishes such as the “Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Burger” and Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Skillet, it’s a great place to grab lunch or dinner!

4. The Backspace

Everyone seems to love The Backspace! Its $5 menu items make it perfect for those looking to save some cash. However, even with these deals, their food is still very high quality. It has especially become known for its fresh pizzas made in-house using locally grown ingredients!

5. Snack Bar

Snack Bar stands out from most other Round Rock TX restaurants because of its homey feel – they are calling it their favorite brunch spot! Its diverse menu offers many delicious options, from pancakes to huevos rancheros.

6. Tradicao Brazilian Grill

Tradicao Brazilian Grill is a great place for anyone looking to take a taste trip around the world. The menu features traditional Brazilian foods that are sure to delight! The restaurant also has a sleek, modern design that makes it perfect for date night or family dinner night.

7. Cafe Excell

Cafe Excell has stood out as one of Round Rock’s best restaurants since its opening in 2003, but the establishment has recently undergone major renovations and expansions, making it even more popular than before! Their eclectic food provides healthy options for those looking to try something new.

8. Bistro Patio

Bistro Patio is a great place for people looking to take in some local flavors. Its European dishes make it perfect for any location – lunch or dinner! From sandwiches to salads, all of Bistro Patio’s food is fresh and delicious!

9. Pinthouse Pizza

Pinthouse Pizza has exploded onto the scene in the past few years making it one of Round Rock’s must-visit restaurants. With its large selection of craft beers and delicious pizzas, it transforms into a lively eatery after dark! 10. Tinos Greek Restaurant Tinos Greek Restaurant offers traditional greek cuisine that’ll make your mouth water. It features everything from seafood and pastitsios (Greek macaroni and ground beef) to mouthwatering baklava desserts.

11. Jo’s Coffee

A well-known staple in the Austin community, Jo’s Coffee is a great place for anyone looking to stop by for a quick snack or drink! The coffee shop also has a wide selection of sweet treats that are sure to delight. 12. Top-Notch Burgers Top Notch Burgers specializes in hamburgers – what makes them so special, though? Their burgers have been voted as being some of the best in the country, but their atmosphere certainly doesn’t take away from their delicious food! 13. All India Cafe All India Cafe offers an explosion of flavor with its Indian cuisine! The restaurant has a chic yet comfortable atmosphere that makes it the perfect place for a family dinner or date night!

14. Tarka Indian Kitchen

Tarka Indian Kitchen is rapidly becoming one of Round Rock’s most popular restaurants. Its chic interior and traditional dishes make it an enjoyable experience. It has certainly become a hot spot in town, so be sure to get there early!

15. Big Lou’s Pizza

Big Lou’s Pizza stands out from most other pizza joints because of its unique mascot – who can forget about Big Lou? Although known for their delicious pizzas, Big Lou’s has plenty of amazing pasta dishes that bring people back time and time again!

16. Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Tutto Gusto Cellar may be small, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint with its diversity of wine and food. The restaurant has a modern, sleek design with hardwood flooring, giving off an authentic Italian feel. Guests can order up to 3 courses meal if they want!

17. Bistro Burger

Bistro Burger is the perfect place for lunch or dinner! Its large selection of burgers and sandwiches make it a great spot for anyone looking to try something new. Be sure to check out their website because they frequently have special deals that will save you some extra cash – who doesn’t love saving money?

In conclusion, Round Rock offers a wide selection of the best restaurants, with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for pasta dishes or Tex-Mex, there’s no doubt that Round Rock serves up some fine cuisine!