Rock N River Family Aquatic Center is an outdoor water park in Round Rock TX. The center includes a lazy river, Wave Pool, several slides and more. The center is open year round.

The Staff at Rock n’ River are very helpful and friendly, always greeting you with a smile. They will help get your family on the slides or in the pool if needed. They are always willing to answer any questions asked and will even go out of their way to show you how to operate certain parts of the park if that part is confusing for you or your family members. Other fun events in Round Rock.

The price of admission is very reasonable for a water park, especially one with many different features. There is a wave pool, lazy river, slides, splash pad, and more. Most water parks are around $5 per person but with this deal you can get in for free at the Joliet location! For a day packed full of fun in the sun Rock n’ River is just what your family needs to have a great time.

Here are some of the great things Rock N River has to offer.

1. Splash Pad

The splash pad is perfect for little children, there are sprinklers of all different shapes and sizes that will spray water on you when your child hits them with a ball or just steps on one. This area is completely fenced in so no little ones can wander away and get hurt. This is a great addition for any child who loves to play in the water but is not ready for the high-energy slides.

2. Lazy River

The lazy river at Rock N River is perfect for beginners or just anyone looking to relax and float down the river with ease. The current isn’t too fast so you can relax on a tube without being rushed through the water. There are several sections on the river where kids can stand up on their tubes to get out of the water and play in the sand while they wait for someone to meet them at one of the exits.

3. Slides

Rock N River has many slides, each one with a different theme and color. The slides range from very slow to incredibly fast, so everyone can find the perfect speed for them. The rules of Rock N River are posted on each slide but if you need to be reminded they have staff members who will walk around the slides and remind people to be safe.

4. Beach

The beach area at Rock N River is perfect for anyone who wants to cool off or take a break from the park. There are several chairs and tables under umbrellas so you don’t have to worry about sitting in the hot sun all day. There is also plenty of grassy areas near this section if people want to layout.

5. Concessions

The park has several concession stands, each one offering something different so there is definitely something for everyone. There are even restaurants nearby if you want to get out of the waterpark for a snack or meal while still enjoying your day with family and friends at Rock N River! Whether it’s food, drinks, gifts, or souvenirs you can find it at the park!

Rock N River Family Aquatic Center is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a day packed full of fun. With many different features such as a Splash Pad, Lazy River, Slides, and Beach area, there is something for everyone at this water park. The staff is always willing to help and answer any questions you may have while you’re there.