First, let us introduce you to some of the people involved in Round Rock.

Father Michael Delaney-Langley is a member of the St. Williams Catholic Church team, and he is about to start a new ministry for our church, Our Lady of Egypt (OLOE).

Father Michael has been in pastoral training since 2006 and has spent his nine years working with young adults and teenagers. He has also been involved in the formation of adult men and women to serve as lay ministers in our Church. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his ministry.

Father Michael’s greatest strength is to be a good listener and he loves to talk…and listen! He will be actively part of the community here at St. Williams, both at Church and out in the community.

Miriam-Lee Shapiro is a member of OLOE and offers her service to St. Williams Parish as our administrator and music director. She is the perfect complement to Father Michael’s ministry.

Miriam-Lee has been a musician in the church since 1984, when she first sang with our cantor John Malloy at St. Joseph’s Church in San Antonio. She has been on the faculty of St. Anthony School in Austin and St. Anne School in Round Rock for about ten years, where she teaches music and serves as a spiritual director for students as well as a music coordinator for the school. Find things to do in Round Rock.

Miriam-Lee is, as always, willing to serve God and his people. By herself, she is not a team player, but when we join her in serving the Lord and our fellow man, we are truly a team.

Father Michael Delaney-Langley and Miriam-Lee Shapiro will be the new lay ministers at St. Williams Parish in Round Rock, Texas

OLOE serves at various Catholic churches in Texas as part of the same program: St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Austin), St. Charles Catholic Church (San Antonio), St. Michael Catholic Church (Pasadena), St. Patrick Catholic Church (Plano), and now, St. Williams Catholic Church (Round Rock). Father Michael offered OLOE services at the Church of the Nativity in November and December of 2008, and will offer them this summer at St. Williams from June to August 2009.

Father Michael states that “the purpose is to grow in faith, deepen our prayer life as a community and also deepen our understanding of the Mass”. He encourages us to pray the daily meditations along with him, as a group and individually. He wants us to take advantage of the opportunity “to grow and develop our prayer life” by doing two things:

1) Memorize the daily teachings that correlate with the Gospel readings we hear each day at Mass. That way, Father says, we can “pray them together with our priest during Mass”.

2) Pray the Rosary, which Father Michael states is “a great instrument for bringing us to an understanding of the Mass”.

Miriam-Lee offers the music that makes the OLOE services so rich and beautiful. Her duties at St. Williams will be to coordinate all music programs and to teach methods of music study to OLOE participants. One of her biggest challenges will be “to serve others in a way that makes them feel comfortable and accepted”.

She, too, is excited to be a part of the OLOE ministry, and she feels that “the main purpose of these services is to grow in our faith by praying together as a community”. These prayer workshops provide us with an opportunity to learn about the Mass by going through it step-by-step, from what happens before Mass (the gathering) to what we do after Mass (the blessing of the people).